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Baseline Security Measures


Surprisingly, most wireless networks in use today would not meet the most basic security requirements. The following measures should be considered the bare minimum requirements.

  • Implement WPA (if possible) - This interim security standard affords much tighter security than the original 802.11 security specifications. If all your hardware supports it, use it. This standard is nowhere near universal with all the legacy hardware out there now, however.
  • Turn off SSID broadcasts - It's the equivalent of using a blinking neon sign to advertise the presence of a wireless network.
  • Change the Default SSID - Factory default SSID's are well known.
  • Change the Default Password - Sounds crazy, but many don't do this. Strong passwords should be used. Passwords should be changed on a regular basis.
  • Turn Off Remote Management - You don't want just anyone from the internet to be able to play with your router, do you? The intruder wouldn't even need to be physically proximate.
  • Enable the Highest WEP Level Possible - Most wireless hardware sold today can handle at least 128-bit encryption.
  • Disable DHCP - Your wireless router can quite possibly welcome a rogue computer with open arms if DHCP is enabled.
  • Implement MAC Address Filtering - Make sure that only your network devices are on the network.
  • Change the Default Subnet - Factory default subnets, like factory default SSID's are well known.

Did you get all that, and implement it on your network? If so, you don't need our wireless security service.

If this is all Greek to you, then you could probably benefit from a security audit. Manufacturers of wireless networking equipment purposely ship their hardware in a more relaxed security state, so that they are not inundated with questions from confused and/or angry customers.

Not all consumer level wireless hardware can handle every one of these security measures. DCNS will make sure that the strongest level of security attainable with your hardware is implemented. These measures will keep out all but the most determined intruder. Someone can still get in with these measures in place, but the time involved makes the attempt much more difficult and time consuming. It would be much easier for the intruder to simply move on to lower hanging fruit.

That said, there is still more that can be done. Consider these base measures as deadbolt level security. It's still possible to get in, but only the most determined individuals will bother. See stronger measures if you require even greater security.


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